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Verifone® Commander and AnyWhereMobile®: Enable Petro & C-Stores to Accept Low Cost Mobile Payments from Local Community Banks and Credit Unions’ Mobile Banking Users

No chargebacks, no fraud, and guaranteed good funds issued by local community banks and credit unions with
the added benefit of lower cost of payment acceptance over plastic credit and debit cards are among the benefits that Verifone Commander and AnyWhereMobile offer Petro and C-Stores. Not to mention the added benefit of local community banks and credit unions which are incentivized to market AnyWhereMobile at participating Petro and C-Stores to their mobile users. With AnyWhereMobile, the funds are secured in real time at the point of sale and then a credit push is done for settlement. Furthermore, Petro and C-Store owners do not need to worry about data breach because there is no card number or personal information that the merchant needs to store.

The Verifone Commander and AnyWhereMobile are fully integrated using the Conexxus Mobile Payment Standard, which promotes interoperability allowing for innovation in the development and implementation of mobile payments and loyalty programs for the Petro and C-Store industry.

It takes just a simple configuration update to the Verifone Commander Site Controller to begin accepting AnyWhereMobile. Customers using their mobile banking app scan a QR code on the pump and pre-authorize the transaction using their fingerprint or a six-digit PIN. The payment authorization is communicated by

AnyWhereMobile to the Verifone Commander, which immediately activates the pump after AnyWhereMobile confirms the customer has enough money in their account to pay for the fuel. The customer receives a digital receipt on their mobile device, as well as a notification regarding any loyalty or rewards earned with the purchase.

In Michigan, some independently owned Sunoco and Clark branded Petro and C-Stores encourage their customers to pay with AnyWhereMobile at the pump by providing incentives that also get them into the C-Store, such as offering a free coffee or fountain beverage with a fill up.

AnyWhereMobile is mSHIFT’s patented digital and mobile payment network that connects financial institutions and their mobile banking customers directly with merchants in order to facilitate fast, low-cost, secure guaranteed payments that do not rely on plastic card payment networks.

With the looming October 2020 deadline for EMV at the pump, gas station owners must pay for expensive upgrades to their pumps to be EMV compliant. However, EMV is not a magic bullet to remove all the issues associated with plastic card payment networks, such as chargebacks, fraud, high cost of payment acceptance, and data breaches. With Verifone Commander and AnyWhereMobile, Petro and

C-Stores now have an alternative payment available that solves all of those legacy payment network issues.

Introducing Ed


Senior Manager

Of Petroleum



We are pleased to announce the addition of Ed Moses as our new Senior Manager of Petroleum Technical Support.

In this role, Ed has the responsibility for managing the day-to-day operations of our 24×7 Petro Help Desk personnel and related support activities. Ed began supporting Point of Sale Systems in 1988, and has remained focused on the customer-facing side of support throughout his career. As technologies have evolved over the years, Ed has become adaptable to the many challenges that are always in front of him. Ed has built several support teams from the ground up, has reengineered existing support teams, and enjoys partnering with other departments to help provide superior customer service to his clients. Staffing and budgetary challenges are never in short supply, and finding ways to successfully overcome the old axiom of doing more with less is what drives him. Ed’s primary strength is developing support procedures that allow his teams to be prepared for whatever may lie ahead. As difficult and time consuming as these tasks can be, Ed always presents a smiling face and even keel demeanor that allows him to be approachable by peers and customers alike. Ed will work very hard for you, and will be fair and consistent to all those concerned.

Please take time to reach out, and introduce yourself if you haven’t already met Ed. He looks forward to learning about your specific needs and challenges so he can dig in and help provide improvements wherever possible. He may be contacted at