The AnyWhereMobile® Payment Network

Combining the best of mSHIFT’s patented technology in mobile banking and mobile payments with the AWM Blockchain, the AnyWhereMobile Payment Network enables a secure and free flow of commerce to be a blockchain challenger to Visa.

ZERO cost for Interchange, ZERO transaction fees, and transaction speeds challenging Visa.

AnyWhereMobile customers earn AWM$ cryptocurrency rewards for everyday transactions. We invite you to learn more about the AnyWhereMobile payment ecosystem.

Stability + Ubiquity = Currency

Promoting Stability for CryptoCurrency Enabling A Friction Free System of Commerce

A primary mission of the United States Federal Reserve System is to stabilize the US Dollar as a currency.  The AnyWhereMobile ecosystem shares this goal of managing volatility of AWM$ to promote a free flow of commerce with AWM$ as the underlying currency.  Since 2010, mSHIFT has participated in the Mobile Payments Industry Workgroup (MPIW) organized by the Atlanta and Boston banks of the United States Federal Reserve system.

The Money Flower

Source: Bank of International Settlement Quarterly Review, September 2017.

The money flower has been modified in this presentation, AWM$ = Cryptocurrency in the BIS report.


AnyWhereMobile as a Blockchain Challenger to Visa

All transaction fees, including Interchange and switch fees are removed in AnyWhereMobile’s payment ecosystem. This capability of mSHIFT’s patented technology integrated with the AWM Blockchain answers the ultimate goal of US merchants … a frictionless flow of commerce, in which merchants earn the full value of every transaction accepting payments from their customers.  No fees.


According to the National Retail Federation,
“Many retailers have cited swipe fees as their second or third highest cost behind wages and employee health benefits. With retail industry profits averaging only about 2 percent, there is no room for retailers to absorb the expense, so swipe fees are passed on to customers in the form of higher prices.”


mSHIFT has worked with the Merchant Advisory Group (MAG), to learn what merchants want and need in a new payments ecosystem.  A zero transaction fee environment with increased data security out of the scope of EMV is highly appealing.  By design, AnyWhereMobile transactions do not reveal or pass any secure financial information to the merchant (ie. credit card info / personal info) that has the potential to be stolen or hacked. 


Fiat Currency and Cryptocurrency

A free flow of commerce and capital requires both full interoperability with merchant’s various point of sales systems in order for purchases to perform seamlessly.  Interoperability with banks is also a precondition so that fiat currency can enter the AnyWhereMobile payment ecosystem. mSHIFT has been focused on enabling a pathway for interoperability between payments systems with the Payments Innovation Alliance, founded by NACHA.


Cryptocurrency Rewards for Everyday Transactions

Consumers are rewarded in AnyWhereMobile cryptocurrency (AWM$) for every payment transaction.  Our goal is that AWM$ becomes the primary cryptocurrency that most Americans know and use in everyday transactions.  As active participants by their transaction activity, consumers become stakeholders in the ecosystem, deepening their individual stake and cryptocurrency wealth as they are rewarded with an additional reward of AWM$ with every payment transaction.  Individuals gain more personal wealth in the system as the ecosystem grows, and AnyWhereMobile becomes in effect, the digital dollar. By fully integrating down to the cash register with Verifone’s Commander Point of Sale system, we are able to initiate the AnyWhereMobile payment ecosystem with gas stations and convenience stores, which are integrated with US consumers’ daily lives.


Privacy in the digital world can be maintained by leveraging existing personal information stored by institutions that are subject to privacy data protection regulations, such as banks, credit unions, insurers, pharmacies, airlines, car rental agencies, universities, and merchants that issue their own private credit cards. These institutions that already collect their customers’ personal information during their normal course of business are able to serve as identity certifiers, to ensure that the AnyWhereMobile Token Economy complies with KYC and AML regulatory requirements.  Those Institutions are compensated for being Identity Certifiers in the AnyWhereMobile Token Economy and earn new revenue streams for every transaction where they verify the individual’s true identity, while still preserving the individual’s anonymity on the Blockchain.



mSHIFT has committed to use its own AWM Blockchain. AWM Blockchain acts like a decentralized operating system for blockchain applications.

The AWM Blockchain:

∞ Supports millions of users
∞ Provides much higher throughput than Bitcoin or Ethereum
∞ Methodology for easy upgrades and bug recovery
∞ Low latency
∞ Sequential and parallel performance to meet demand

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